Need an API for your Data?

Write SQL and Access via REST in seconds

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B2B Data Sharing

Safely and Securely Share Data - Internally across your Business Divisions and Externally with Partners and Customers

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Data Integration

Bring your data together and expose it through your CRM, BI, custom applications, Excel and more

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Micro Data Warehouse

Report and reconcile data from across your business by having your Accounting, ERP, e-commerce, custom database and CSV files all in one place


See how the Data Sharing Platform delivers

B2B Data Sharing

Image Sharing data between your suppliers, distributors and customers has always been difficult. Typical solutions require expensive and complex API's with network access open. With Data Islands once you can write an SQL query you can share the results of a query in seconds.

Data Integration

If you are utilising a CRM, BI, Custom application or Excel sheet, data can be brought down onto that database or CSV file without requiring any complex data mapping. Just write your SQL query from your data silo, export and then import the data. All in minutes and not hours of meetings planning how to do column mappings and ETL.

Micro-Data Warehouse

Reconciling datasets is crucial to a business so you can be confident that you will catch any mistakes and detect fraud. Reporting from datasets across the business is traditionally a complex undertaking. Data Islands makes it easy to build out a micro-datawarehouse for your summary reporting needs.

Data Migration

Processes change and your business needs may change. This may require you to move from one system to another or even to get started on a new software platform. There is no need to start with the blank system and start entering the same data in from across your business. Data Islands gets that data ready easily from across your busines so you can get value quickly from your software system investments.

Data Islands Benefits

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Data Silos

Data living in isolation has little value but Data Islands makes it easy to get data from anywhere in your organisation into one place.

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Reconcile Data

Bringing your data together allows you to reconcile different datasets ensuring that your business is running correctly. Bring your Accounting, ERP and e-commerce data together and match transactions highlighting any descrepancies.

Powerful Performance


Using a script and a task manager ( on windows or cron on linux) you can have the data queries run at set intervals and export and import your data from across your business or externally.

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B2B Data Sharing

You can confidently share data and consume data from your partners, resellers, suppliers, distrbutors and customers. Data Regions allow you to segregate data so that only the data that a 3rd party should see is even there to accessed.

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Data Security and Local Laws

No need to open networks for a system to connect in. Selected Data is only sent out ensuring that no access point in is needed. Your data physically lives where you decide. We have 4 regions covered (USA, Canada, UK and Europe) and you decide which data centre holds the data allowing you to be compliant with the local data laws.

Powerful Performance

Only SQL is needed

To work with Data Islands you only need to know how to write an SQL query. If you can write an SQL statment you can create an island for the SQL query results and right away it is accessible to users you share access with (via the console or from the REST API).

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Web App

The Data Islands web app allows you to visualise the data stored in the cloud in your regions and the data in the islands as well as seeing what access is allowed (readonly or readwrite) and other metadata on your Data Islands.

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If you are a software developer and want to access the data on the cloud direct there is one simple to use REST API to do this. We provide a POSTMAN script that shows how simple this is. Write once and use anywhere.

Powerful Performance


If SQL on its own does not provide you with enough power to alter the data then you can also use Javascript to update as you need before creating an island. Ideal for software developers looking to avoid the heavy lifting of most ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) projects.

How is Data Islands different from other solutions?

Deliver in minutes and not months

System Architecture

Image Your data lives physically where you want it to live. Our databases and API's are all geographically coded so that you control where the data lives (digitalocean) and flows (AWS Gateway API) through the middleware. If you are in the USA your data never travels from that geographic region (unless you want it to).


Most ETL's have as you go pricing so its impossible for a business to budget for. Our simple pricing means you know exactly what you are paying for and getting.

Data Security

With Data Islands you do not need to open any ports or access to your network. You only export data you have defined (using SQL) out (as opposed to it being pulled out direct) and so there is no risk or need for trust with those you give access to.


Most ETL's now allow you to create and define your own REST API. Why do that when our single API works for all your data. Code once and you are done. We also provide a POSTMAN configuration showing your how to use this.

Cross Database support

ETL projects are hard. You have to define table structures in one database and try map them in another. With Data Islands the data just moves seemlessly. Extract data from MSSQL and import into MySQL/Postgres/SQLite/csv and it just works in a single command.

Pricing Details

Our All Inclusive Pricing Plan

Product and Consultancy to get you started

Getting started with sharing data can be daunting so our consultants will help you get going and you will be an expert before you know it.
  • 4 Geographic Regions
  • 50 Data Regions (Databases)
  • 20 Islands (tables) Per Data Region
  • 200k Rows Per Island
  • Console and Web application access
  • 12hrs Per Annum consultancy
  • Online Help Wiki
  • Connectors for MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, ODBC, CSV, XERO and Files