XERO Data Export


Get all your XERO raw data 

Extracting data from XERO is hard unless you are a software engineer and know how to access the REST API. 

With Data Islands data can be exported with minimal commands and even scheduled to run nightly so your system is kept up to date. 

Xero Contacts

Extract your Xero Contacts and use in a mailing list, e-Commerce or CRM Integration

Xero Data Integrations

Extract Xero Invoice data and roll your own integration to your CRM or e-commerce

XERO Micro-Data Warehouse

Report and reconcile XERO data from Invoices and report on Recurring Invoices

Date Share Automate


What data can you get?

a. XERO Contacts

Automating exporting your XERO contacts at a regular interval is crucial to any integration. Ideal if you want your XERO data in a format you can use in Excel (CSV) without having to manually do this everytime. 

b. XERO Invoices

Need to share invoice data with your Partners or Customers? You can automate an export of  all Invoice data or customer specific invoices and provide access to only that dataset. 

c. XERO Repeating Invoices

Currently there is no way in XERO to export Repeating invoices but you can with Data Islands. This allows you to track and see your totals for the coming year and with that knowledge plan accordingly. 

d. XERO Tables

You can access the following XERO data: Accounts, BankTransactions, BankTransfers, BatchPayments, BrandingThemes, Budgets, ContactGroups, Contacts, CreditNotes, Currencies, Employees, ExpenseClaims, InvoiceReminders, Invoices, Items, Journals, LinkedTransactions, ManualJournals,  Overpayments, Payments, Prepayments, PurchaseOrders, Quotes, Receipts, RepeatingInvoices, Reports, Setup, TaxRates, TrackingCategories and Users


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