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Together Software, our registered company name and the heart of our business and software vision was formed in 2007 by software developer Marc Reidy. Marc lives in Kildare, Ireland, surrounded by a team working globally from Ireland, Germany, Spain, Romania and India.

Historically, Sage CRM has been the focal point of our development, enhancing user adoption and exposing enterprise data for greater business understanding with our suite of products to include:

  • Accelerator for Sage CRM – Outlook Integration
  • MobileX for Sage CRM – Mobile Platform
  • Data Islands for Sage CRM/100/200/300
  • Crystal Manager for Sage CRM – Crystal Reports Tool
  • Customer 365 for Sage CRM – Self Service Portal
  • Open-Source resources for Sage CRM – Free Components for Sage CRM

Trading as CRM Together, we have partners, resellers and customers based all over the world. Our software development is focused on the UX (User Experience), our aim to make users find working with our tools effective and intuitive. Our project approach is to delve into the customers business process and explore alternative solutions to everyday problems in software usage, bridging the gap between technical and user data handling.

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Marc Reidy

CRM Together is an official Sage 100/300/CRM development partner. To find out more about these products visit our dedicated site at

Our latest Product, Data Islands is expanding our reach beyond CRM incorporating ERP integration using data extraction to and from the cloud. The product is super secure and flexible with knowledge needed only of SQL to use.

Products derived from this versatile product (using its REST API) that we use in-house and sell externally include:

  • Accelerator for Sage 300 (beta)
  • Accelerator for Sage 100 (Development)

Bringing it all Together

We firmly believe that we can offer all the pertinent pieces of the jigsaw to deliver a powerful CRM & ERP Integrated strategy.

  • Enhanced user adoption using Outlook as the driver
  • Addressing data integration gaps with Data Islands
  • Fulfilling CRM mobile requirements allowing users to surface important data they need on the move.
  • Offering CRM Self Service, thereby empowering customers to engage 24/7 365 days a year

Our software builds confidence from the outset. Every project is unique, but with our software solutions in play, businesses can unlock the full potential of a their data and their user engagement with same. This website has been built specifically for Data Islands but if you would like to chat with us on any of our solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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