B2B Data Sharing Solution

Struggling to make datasets available to multiple divisions, applications, users, or even external organizations?

B2B Data Sharing

Sharing data between your suppliers, distributors and customers has always been difficult but these days its almost impossible or takes forever. 

Typical solutions require expensive and complex API’s with network access open so data can be extracted. No one wants to leave that door open. 

What you need is a system that allows you to quickly query a database, extract that dataset and expose as a snapshot of that data. This leaves your live system (database) unexposed and not overloaded. 

With Data Islands once you can write an SQL query you can share the results of a query in seconds with a few lines. You define who has access and can easily manage this. 

Its so simple to use we can show you in an image how it works. 

1. A “region” (like a database) is created

2. We write a  query to the local database

3. We push (export) the data to the Data islands Middleware cloud

4. We give access to the external customer

That’s it. 

console add region small
Web App Logon

Reconcile Records from Across the business

Reconciling datasets is crucial to a business so you can be confident that you will catch any mistakes and detect fraud. Reporting from datasets across the business is traditionally a complex undertaking with data stored in various silo’s and controlled by various stakeholders. 

Using the Data Islands Data Sharing Solution you can bring these datasets together to one central database and write SQL to reconcile the data. 

Data Islands makes it easy to build out a micro-data warehouse (Data Mart) for your summary reporting needs from across your business. 

Data Integration

If you are utilizing a CRM, BI, Custom application or Excel sheet, data can be brought down into that database or CSV file without requiring any complex data mapping. Just write your SQL query from your data silo, export to the Data Islands Middleware Layer and then import the data back into your central data mart. All in minutes and not hours of meetings planning how to do column mappings and coordinating ETL processes. It just works, creating tables and files as needed. You can even schedule these jobs to happen on regular basis ensuring you have up to date data without compromising other systems or your network. 

Data Migration

Processes change and your business needs may change. This may require you to move from one system to another or even to get started on a new software platform. There is no need to start with a blank system and start entering the same data in from across your business. 

With the Data Islands Data Sharing Solution you can take data from across your business and bring it together to be imported into any new system or even just kept as an archive of the data. 

Data Islands gets that data ready easily from across your business so you can get value quickly from your software system investments.

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